DIY veg wash

I remember buying a salad in a bag, because it was handy and I was in a hurry. Normally I’m a make-it-from-scratch kind of gal. I made the salad and as I was eating, I noticed a small green worm crawling on the plate! So not cool. So, when it says on the bag pre-washed, …

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“Christian Mystic” … is an oxymoron

Flipping through channels, I landed on a housewives show. I remained on the channel long enough to see “Sonja” sitting with her “Christian Mystic” at a cafe. He pulls out tarot cards, holds his hands in a praying motion, and closes his eyes. The term/title Christian is sure thrown around loosely in today’s society. Some …

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Cast iron, baby!


I love it when I find a great treasure! Someone had thrown away this Wexford Steel cast iron pan! I couldn’t believe it! I mean, who does that? Well, I know who. Someone who has no idea how to clean it. <grin> I’ve been looking for a deep cast iron pan for years! And, not …

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Dirty dozen


Below are the “dirty dozen” vegetables that are the most pesticide-loaded ones according to the Environmental Working Group. And, then there’s the “clean fifteen”, with the fewest amount of pesticides. Read this   

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